getting started

Not sure how unpackaged shopping works?

While we sell most items you would expect to find in a conventional supermarket there are some things that are different about shopping at Replenish.

How it works in our shop

Step One > Choose Your Container

You are encouraged to bring a clean jar, bag, container, bottle to fill from home. Alternatively we have paper bags on site or choose from our selection of jars and canisters in store for purchase.

Step Two > Weigh It Up

Weigh and note the container weight by using our markers and stickers – this weight will be deducted at the counter.

Step Three > Get Scooping

Now simply get scooping or pouring, choosing as little or as much as you need. Bring your containers to the counter and we’ll do the res

How it works when you’re shopping online

  • Our products are sold by weight this also includes liquids. It can be tricky to work out how much you should order. As a guide generally vegetable oil 1kg = 1.1L and vinegars and sauces are 1kg to 1L.
  • When weighing products we strive to be as accurate as possible, however, it is extremely difficult to get an exact amount each and every time. There will always be a little over and under on specified weights which is why we utilise Click and Collect so you pay for exactly what is in your packages.
  • If ordering a product and the amount you want isn’t shown as an option use the quantity button to get to your desired weight. Example. 600g raw sugar select 100g x 6 this will be packaged in one bag unless otherwise specified in the notes section of your cart.
  • It is very useful to use our Shopping List function so you can see what you usually order and the weight of those usual orders.
  • We recommend you transfer products out of the paper bags when you get home and place into airtight containers.
  • Liquids ordered online will be put into donated recycled glass that we sterilise and weigh so it’s free and ready to use. This may also mean we are constrained by what glass jars we have available at the time, we will contact you if we are struggling to meet a large volume order.
  • If you have any special requirements, please let us know in the Notes section of the Cart.

Please enjoy your shopping experience with us.

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